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Evidence on the Third National Planning Framework for Scotland

Professor Glen Bramley gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament, Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee. He provided a written note of evidence which is reproduced here.

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Reflections on the growth of food aid in today’s Scotland

Dr. Nicola Livingstone reports on the diverse nature of food aid in Scotland. The growth of food inequalities is a worrying development in UK society and a reflection on the government’s welfare reforms and our austerity economy...

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The Challenge of an Ageing Population for Social Housing

The UK population, like in many countries, is ageing - with wide consequences for society and the economy. Almost one fifth of elderly households live in social housing. By Professor Colin Jones

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The Welfare Wall

To date assessments of the current UK welfare reforms have generally been ‘static’ and examine the consequences of each reform in isolation. Impacts are then often overstated and fail to analyse how reforms will inter-act with one another.

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International expert panel discuss welfare conditionality

Last week, the first event of the research project ‘Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions, Support and Behaviour Change’ took place at the University of York. This five year (2013-2018) programme[1] aims to create an international and interdisciplinary focal point for social science research on welfare conditionality, that is, the linking welfare benefits and services to ‘responsible’ behaviour.

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New report finds that 9% of adults have been homeless

The newly published Homelessness Monitor: England finds that nine per cent of adults in England have experienced homelessness at some point in their life, the highest rate of all the UK countries.

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The size of cuts does matter, Minister

Ministers dismissed evidence that the most deprived areas have been hardest hit by cuts, but they themselves were wrong to do so, writes Professor Glen Bramley.

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Coping with the cuts? Local government and poorer communities

It was clear from the moment the Coalition Government announced its austerity programme in 2010 that local government services would take a disproportionate reduction in resources, unprecedented in recent times.

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“Gulf in council spending may divide society”

“Cuts may force councils to stop funding arts and leisure services by 2015″ and “Britain’s poorest and most deprived areas hit hardest as society becomes unacceptably more divided”. Read more

Research conversation: What do we mean by UK poverty?

What do we mean by poverty? How can poverty exist in a developed society such as the United Kingdom? Is UK poverty as “real” as poverty in Africa? Kirsten Besemer and Peter Matthews discuss these questions and why they should concern planners, as part of a series of Research Conversations. Read more


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