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‘Designing out’: a callous or compassionate response to rough sleeping?

The installation of 'spikes' to deter rough sleepers from bedding down in a doorway in London has prompted an outcry in social media. Dr Sarah Johnsen considers the ethicality of 'designing out' rough sleepers.

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MSc in Sustainable Urban Management now accredited by RICS

Improving the sustainability of cities is a major global challenge for the twenty first century. The MSc in Sustainable Urban Management addresses the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability.

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Rethinking Planning: The Interface with Spatial Economic Forces

Colin Jones explains how planners need to shape, rather than fight market forces in order to improve living conditions and achieve social goals.

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Homelessness in Northern Ireland

This report is part of the UK homelessness monitors series and focuses on homelessness in Northern Ireland. It provides a ‘baseline’ account of the situation in 2013, spanning issues of rough sleeping, temporary accommodation, statutory homelessness and ‘hidden’ homelessness.

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Some thoughts on the property tax reform stand-off

Chris Leishman reflects on the curious cross-roads of events and economic circumstances which prompted the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s re-evaluation of council tax reforms.

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Urban Refugees and the Challenge of the Slums

Assessing the vulnerability of refugee groups is a major obstacle for humanitarian action in urban areas. Aisling O'Loghlen investigates vulnerability of refugees in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Evidence on the Third National Planning Framework for Scotland

Professor Glen Bramley gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament, Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee. He provided a written note of evidence which is reproduced here.

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Reflections on the growth of food aid in today’s Scotland

Dr. Nicola Livingstone reports on the diverse nature of food aid in Scotland. The growth of food inequalities is a worrying development in UK society and a reflection on the government’s welfare reforms and our austerity economy...

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The Challenge of an Ageing Population for Social Housing

The UK population, like in many countries, is ageing - with wide consequences for society and the economy. Almost one fifth of elderly households live in social housing. By Professor Colin Jones

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